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JV Huaxin Gayur Cement

JV Huaxin Gayur Cement

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The largest cement factory in Tajikistan – JV Hauxin Gayur Cement has been opened in 2013. It was the country’s big step to achieving its aim of self-sufficiency in the cement sector.

Huaxin Gayur Cement was established by Gayur Group and Huaxin Central Asia Investment (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. The opening of this plant allowed Tajikistan not only to stop importing cement, but also turned the country into an exporter of high-quality cement, the demand for which has grown tremendously in neighboring countries.

The plant uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to produce high-quality cement products that meet international standards. The company is committed to sustainability, using environmentally friendly production processes and reducing its carbon footprint. The plant is well-equipped to meet the growing demand for cement in Tajikistan and the surrounding region.

Sphere production of clinker, cement of M-400, M-500 grades
Production capacity 1.2 million tons per year
Location Yovon district, Tajikistan
Project cost 110 million US dollars
Founders Gayur Group LLC, Huaxin Central Asia Investment (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.