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This is how we reach the stars

Gayur Group is a leading company in Tajikistan’s real sector and ranks among the top ten largest companies in the country. The group has built a reputation for attracting investments and is recognized as a trusted partner for investors looking to invest in the country’s economy. The company’s core values of hard work, innovation, honesty, and fair partnerships have contributed to its remarkable success.

Established in 2002, Gayur Group began as a brick manufacturing enterprise in the Yavan district of the Khatlon region. With a new development strategy that consolidated its material and intellectual capital, the company achieved great success in a short period. In addition to producing bricks, Gayur Group also ventured into lime and cement production, becoming the first company to produce building materials in the local market. The company also engaged in infrastructure development, constructing bridges, roads, and industrial, service, and social complexes, and expanding its financial opportunities.

Gayur Group has completed several investment projects worth 320 million US dollars in priority areas, which are crucial to the economy of the Republic of Tajikistan. These projects have reinforced the company’s position as a leading investor in the country and contributed significantly to the country’s economic growth. For investors seeking to invest in the real sector of Tajikistan’s economy, Gayur Group is a trusted partner that offers a solid foundation of hard work, innovation, honesty, and fair partnerships.

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Gayur Group is the best partner in the rapidly growing market of Tajikistan and Central Asia.

We believe we can achieve greatness, not just by talking about it, but by putting in the effort every single day. Our dedication, commitment, and focus are leading us to success. With a shared culture and ethos, we inspire each other to reach our personal best and overcome any challenge that comes our way. We know that with believing in yourself and your abilities, and with hard work, anything is possible. We strive for excellence and to being outstanding in all that we do.


Akbar Gulomov
Founder, Board Chairman of Gayur Group LLC
Akmal Gulomov
Founder, General Director of Gayur Group LLC
Yusuf Safarov_
Yusuf Safarov
Executive Director
Rustam Yunusov
Chief Financial Officer
Kamol Homidov
Deputy General Director

Our vision

Building better future

We strive to build a better future today, our companies make a huge contribution to the development of the country and the region.

Innovation for the sake of ecology

Our businesses must use the latest environmentally friendly guidelines and practices throughout their operations.

Partnership orientation

We value and respect all our partners, protecting their interests is as important to us as protecting our own.

What do we do?

Gayur Group is a leading investment company in the Republic of Tajikistan. Our company has played a crucial role in attracting foreign investment to various sectors of the economy, and we are proud to have been instrumental in the construction of large industrial enterprises.

In a relatively short period of time, we have implemented several investment projects that have had a significant impact on the economy of the Republic of Tajikistan. With our strong financial and intellectual capabilities, we are poised to become one of the largest investment companies in the region and to continue implementing ambitious investment projects.

At Gayur Group, we believe in the power of collaboration and are always seeking to partner with foreign investors on investment projects in industries such as construction, tourism, and more. We invite interested companies and individuals to visit our sunny and hospitable country and explore the exciting investment opportunities that we have to offer.

Investing in Tajikistan is always better and profitable with Gayur Group.

Frequently asked questions

Our company invests in the production of building materials, textile products, polypropylene bags, LED lamps, paints, etc., and is also ready to participate in other projects related to the real economy.

We are ready to cooperate with all local and foreign companies with sufficient financial potential and good reputation.

If you are interested in becoming our partner or wish to invest in Tajikistan, please contact us. Our phone numbers, email addresses and office addresses are listed on this website.

In our opinion, e-mail is the best way to get in touch. Since a phone call is not always convenient, the information provided may be forgotten. In an e-mail, all thoughts and information can be fully reflected and sent to us, and we can answer them correctly and in detail.


Make the most secure investment in Tajikistan by finding reliable partner in Gayur Group.